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All posts by Peter Evans

Traveling and using Camayak

One of the many benefits of using Camayak is the ability for individuals to create and manage their publications using staff from anywhere in the world. To ensure that newsroom staff can be as productive as possible, it’s imperative that their computer’s clock and especially¬†timezone are setup correctly. To determine . . . Read more

WordPress integration troubleshooting.

The vast majority of our customers don’t experience issues when their content is published from Camayak to their WordPress installation, but since our launch we’ve identified a few ways in which WordPress publishing can be interrupted. Rate limiting Some web hosts impose rate limiting and/or security restrictions on the WordPress . . . Read more

How to migrate to a new hosting provider.

Note: if you’re looking at switching to a different¬†publishing platform or CMS to the one you’re currently approving content for, please read this, instead. For moving your existing platform to a new host, please read on. Background Camayak interacts with publishing destinations in a variety of ways, such as creating . . . Read more