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How can I control who can invite people to my newsroom?

Apart from the specific job of being a publishing editor, or the privileges of being an account administrator, Camayak offers three types of role: Guest Contributor Editor When someone joins your newsroom they will have been invited to one or several of these positions, on whichever desks they need to . . . Read more

How assignment locking works

The short version: if you want to retain your lock on an assignment without having to click ‘EDIT’ again before continuing your work, you need to actively do something on the assignment at least once every 15 minutes. If you don’t, other people will be able to grab the assignment . . . Read more

Finding assignments

For an introduction to the tabs on your dashboard, please read this article explaining Camayak’s dashboard. These are some further examples of how different users can find information about what their colleagues are doing: Dashboard Administrators can see everything that is happening across all desks in thecolleague activity tab. Editors can see the upcoming and colleague activity tabs . . . Read more

Private first-drafts

Until you’ve submitted your first draft for editing, no one other than you (and any collaborators you have) may see it. Until an assignment has been submitted for the first time by its collaborator(s), it is in “first draft” stage and can’t be viewed by non-collaborators. Once the assignment has . . . Read more