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Finding assignments

For an introduction to the tabs on your dashboard, please read this article explaining Camayak’s dashboard. These are some further examples of how different users can find information about what their colleagues are doing:

  • Administrators can see everything that is happening across all desks in thecolleague activity tab.
  • Editors can see the upcoming and colleague activity tabs in their dashboard.
  • Contributors can see the colleague activity tab in their dashboard.
  • Guests cannot see anything that anybody else is working on, unless they’re working on it, too.

Aside from the dashboard, there are two other places where you can see work that’s in progress:

  • Personal profile pages (under active tab).
  • Content page (accessible from your organization name in the navigation bar)

In order to see what people have worked on in the past, you may visit:

  • Personal profiles (reportededited)
  • Content (published)
  • Dashboard (recently published)
  • Assignment revision history (from an assignment overview)