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How can I control who can invite people to my newsroom?

Apart from the specific job of being a publishing editor, or the privileges of being an account administrator, Camayak offers three types of role:

  • Guest
  • Contributor
  • Editor

When someone joins your newsroom they will have been invited to one or several of these positions, on whichever desks they need to work on. Editors are more powerful than contributors, who are more powerful than guests. If someone is invited as an editor on one desk and a contributor on another, their most powerful position (editor) will define things like:

  • who they can invite to your newsroom
  • if they can create assignments themselves
  • if they can see what other people are working on

For example, guests can only see things that they are specifically working on (they can’t see what anyone else is doing). They can’t create assignments and can’t invite anyone else to your newsroom. You can use the guest role to manage freelancers, sponsors or contributors to your newsroom who may be on trial.

Contributors are able to see what other people have submitted for editing but can’t create assignments and can only invite other people as guests to the desks they belong to. Most of your regular writers, photographers and freelance staff are likely to make good contributors.

Editors are able to create assignments, see what other people have submitted and invite contributors and guests to the desks that they belong to. Administrators are required to invite new editors to your newsroom and it’s a good idea to only give that power to people who understand the goals of your organization. If these people aren’t editors already, they may be business managers, advisers or publishers who want to keep an eye on progress in the newsroom without taking part in any production of content.