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Camayak and WordPress capabilities

Camayak interacts with your WordPress website using the XML-RPC API. For publishing to work, a WordPress account needs to be created specifically for Camayak to publish with, this user’s username is often called “CamayakArchive”. To ensure that you take full advantage of Camayak’s publishing tools, we highly recommend that this user be made an administrator. If, however, you wish to have more granular control over the capabilities you assign the account, we’ve listed below a breakdown of the capabilities we require.

Please note:

  1. Capabilities ending in an asterisk (*) require that the “CamayakArchive” user be an administrator.
  2. If you make use of a custom role manager plugin, and are experiencing issues publishing to your WordPress site, it may be implementing its own custom capabilities, preventing us from interacting with your website. Please email support@camayak.com if you require assistance.

User capabilities

  • create_users*
    • Allows us to create WordPress accounts for bylines which don’t have one.
  • edit_users*
    • Allows us to read a single WordPress account.
    • Allows us to list WordPress accounts.
    • Allows us to edit a WordPress account.
  • list_users*
    • Allows us to determine if a byline has a WordPress account or not.
  • unfiltered_html
    • Allows us to create and update posts with HTML in the body.
  • edit_published_posts
    • Allows us to edit a post we’ve published.
  • edit_posts
    • Allows us to edit posts on your behalf.
  •  upload_files
    • Allows us to upload a media object to your library.
    • Allow us to retrieve metadata about an image we’ve uploaded.
    • Allows us to list your media library after an image upload.

Post capabilities

  • create_posts
    • Allows us to create posts on your behalf.
  •  publish_posts
    •  Allows us to publish a post.
  • edit_post
    • Allows us to edit an existing post.
  •  add_post_meta
    • Allow us to add to a post’s custom fields.
  • edit_post_meta
    • Allows us to read and edit a post’s custom fields.
  • delete_post_meta
    • Allows us to remove a custom field from a post.

Taxonomy capabilities

If you have registered a taxonomy, and the capabilities aren’t the default values (the same capabilities as posts), the following capabilities must be accessible to us:

  • edit_terms
    • Allows us to add a term to a taxonomy.
  • assign_terms
    • Allows us to read and list taxonomy terms.
    • Allows us to read and list taxonomies.
    • Allows us to assign a term to a post.
  • manage_terms
    • Allows us to create terms on your behalf.