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Desk workflows: editing rules and advice

Desks are an opportunity to group people and clarify how they’d like to produce the majority of their content. Only admin users can edit desk workflows and once you’ve decided on your core desks, allowing them to remain un-edited is an excellent way to preserve the infrastructure of your organization, when you have a turnover of staff.

Remember: when editing or removing positions from desk workflows, people with those positions will either have their position name changed (which will appear on their profiles/portfolios in the new format) or will no longer be able to claim an assignment at their position step, if their step has been removed entirely. You will therefore want to check and edit such people’s positions before making changes to your desk(s), if you’d like them to be able to keep participating in their desk(s) as they did before. If you have assignments already in progress on the desk you’re editing, those assignments will retain the desk workflow as it existed before you edited it. Only assignments created after you’ve edited your desk workflow will show the new workflow. 

To remove a desk entirely, please email us at support@camayak.com (removing desks has similar ramifications and we like to ensure that you’re not jeopardizing assignments that are in progress).

Switching an existing assignment from one desk to another is technically not possible in Camayak. You may want to change the desk that’s editing an assignment because:

  • You want to weren’t sure at first, which desk should do the editing and have now decided. When you want to create an assignment, if you’re not totally sure yet which desk should do the editing, we recommend discussing the assignment idea as a pitch first, before finally deciding which desk you want to work on it and converting it into an assignment.
  • You’d like to change the editors working on the assignment. In this case, we invite the new editors to the desk that’s working on the assignment and have them replace the existing editors.
  • You made an error when choosing which desk to assign an assignment to. Spike the assignment and create a new one for the correct desk. Note: you can always revive a spiked assignment by visiting the Spiked tab on your archive page, accessible beneath your organization name in the navigation bar.