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Keeping your newsroom tidy

If your assignment completion rate is any less than 100% (which is rarely achievable), your newsroom will be accumulating assignments that are no longer ‘in production’, but are clogging up your dashboard and those of your colleagues. While you may want to keep some assignments around in case they can be revived, we highly recommend purging your Camayak account of stagnant assignments at least once every week.

Spike unwanted assignments

The way to remove assignments from your production tables is to spike them. Any editor can spike an assignment, so the more you can encourage a group mentality of active spiking, the less a specific individual will become burdened with the task of having to go through dozens or even hundreds of expired assignments and having to spike them one-by-one.

Don’t worry, spiked assignments are not gone. They are just taken out of active product and can be revived at any time.

Spiking from the assignment overview

You can spike any assignment by clicking the ‘i’ icon and clicking the ‘Spike assignment’ link.

A screenshot of Camayak's assignment overview page showing the link to spike the current assignment.

Spiking from the manage archive page

You may also visit the Archive page and spike assignments more rapidly by clicking one after the other to remove them from your production queues.

A screen shot of Camayak's manage archive page showing the links used to quickly spike a lot of assignments.

Reviving a spiked assignment

Spiking an assignment removes it from your production process, so none of your colleagues see it in their dashboards any longer. All spiked assignments can be found on the Archive page and can be brought back into production (revived) at any time.

A screenshot of Camayak's manage archive page showing a list of spiked assignments and the link used to revive assignments.