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Paying writers through Camayak

If your team has a Pro or Premium Camayak subscription, or has added the bolt-on option to the Starter plan, you’re able to pay all your writers directly from Camayak.

Here are some tips on how it works.

To begin with, a Camayak admin needs to set the maximum budget that you’d like to spend each month on writers. You can find this option under Contributor payments when you click the name of your organization in the top right of your screen.

Next, you can add default assignment fees to each of your Templates. This will still give you the option of overriding your default fee when you create an assignment and is intended to be a guide price.

Note: only the primary collaborator on an assignment will receive the fee you attach to it. Secondary collaborators will receive none of the assignment fee. If this clashes with how your team works, please let us know at support@camayak.com.

Once you’ve created a paid assignment, the assignee will be notified of their fee in the email they’re used to receiving for new assignments. It will also appear on their assignment itself, in their Fees tab on their Profile page and as part of their performance data on Staff performance.

Note: fees cannot be edited once an assignment is in progress. The only way to stop an assignment from paying out its fee is by not approving it. Spiking an assignment will also prevent the assignment fee from being paid to its primary collaborator.

Before an assignee can begin working on their first paid assignment they will be prompted in Camayak to sign up for a Stripe account. This will allow them to securely enter their card or bank information so that Camayak can credit their account once their assignment is approved. Writers will only need to go through this process once, for the very first paid assignment they receive. They’ll be able to work on any subsequent paid assignment right away.

Payments are made automatically once a writer’s work is approved and Camayak takes care of any 1099s that need to go out, too.

Who can see assignment fees?

Guest users can only see their own assignments and so are restricted to seeing only their assignment fees. If you’re concerned about writers seeing other people’s fees, we strongly recommend you make them guests within your Camayak account.

All other Camayak roles will allow visibility into what other people are being paid. This will be visible in the following places:

  • Staff performance
  • Profile pages
  • Paid assignments