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Staff permissions

There are some basic rules which govern which roles your staff should hold within your Camayak account. You can add any number of positions to each role, so once you’ve decided which permissions a position should have, you can add as many special types of staff member as you like.

Guests. Guests typically include people like freelancers, guest writers, sources who contribute to interviews, etc., alumni, campus contributors and people you think may only contribute one post or photo.

– they can only see assignments they’re directly assigned to collaborate on

– they won’t be able to claim assignments that are offered to a desk

– they can submit pitch ideas at any time

Contributors. Contributors typically include staff writers, staff photographers, artwork designers and anyone else who’s likely to work on more than one assignment, or be involved more consistently with the rest of your newsroom staff. You may also consider promoting Guests to become Contributors, depending on their progress.

– they can see all assignments in your organization and comment or upload photos to any one of them

– they can claim desk assignments

– they can invite guests to the organization account

– they can do all the things a guest can do

Editors. Editors include anyone with a specialist skill (e.g. copy editing) and who are trusted to be able to take a more proactive role in your content production.

– they can do all the things a contributor can do

– they can assign assignments and convert pitches

– they can invite other editors (though not to a position more senior to the one they hold on each of their desks)

– they may be a publishing editor

Admins. Any staff member may be given admin permissions (i.e. it’s not it’s own role-type). Admins often aren’t part of the editorial workflow (although most senior editors will also be given admin capabilities) and are able to:

– edit publishing destinations

– edit desks and workflows

– see all organization activity without necessarily belonging to any desks

– do all the things an editor can do

For more advice on giving people admin permissions, check this article out.