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Assigning work to staff

An editor can create an assignment and select any user(s) within the organization to be the collaborator(s). Once they’ve selected the individual(s) to collaborate on the assignment, the editor will be shown a list of the desks that the individual(s) belongs to. If the desk that the editor wants to . . . Read more

Desk workflows: editing rules and advice

Desks are an opportunity to group people and clarify how they’d like to produce the majority of their content. Only admin users can edit desk workflows and once you’ve decided on your core desks, allowing them to remain un-edited is an excellent way to preserve the infrastructure of your organization, . . . Read more

Uploading and embedding media

In order to upload media into an assignment, please click the media icon in the right-hand column of the assignment overview (or at the top of the page). Anyone can upload media to any assignment at any time. Once media has been added to the media collection of an assignment, whoever is . . . Read more

Adding new WordPress categories

Here are the two steps you’ll need to take to make WordPress categories available within Camayak. Create WordPress categories. Make sure you’ve created these on WordPress, first. Admin staff can re-sync your WordPress categories in Camayak. This will re-sync all of your categories, which should make the newest ones appear . . . Read more