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How can I control who can invite people to my newsroom?

Apart from the specific job of being a publishing editor, or the privileges of being an account administrator, Camayak offers three types of role: Guest Contributor Editor When someone joins your newsroom they will have been invited to one or several of these positions, on whichever desks they need to . . . Read more

WordPress troubleshooting

The vast majority of our customers don’t experience issues when their content is published from Camayak to their WordPress installation, but since our launch we’ve identified a few ways in which WordPress publishing can be interrupted. Quick links Our publishing destination URL isn’t being accepted Camayak is telling us our . . . Read more

Camayak and WordPress capabilities

Camayak interacts with your WordPress website using the XML-RPC API. For publishing to work, a WordPress account needs to be created specifically for Camayak to publish with, this user’s username is often called “CamayakArchive”. To ensure that you take full advantage of Camayak’s publishing tools, we highly recommend that this user . . . Read more

How assignment locking works

The short version: if you want to retain your lock on an assignment without having to click ‘EDIT’ again before continuing your work, you need to actively do something on the assignment at least once every 15 minutes. If you don’t, other people will be able to grab the assignment . . . Read more