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Keeping your newsroom tidy

If your assignment completion rate is any less than 100% (which is rarely achievable), your newsroom will be accumulating assignments that are no longer ‘in production’, but are clogging up your dashboard and those of your colleagues. While you may want to keep some assignments around in case they can . . . Read more

Keyboard shortcuts

Undo is ctrl-z on Windows & Linux Redo is ctrl-y on Windows & Linux Other hotkeys: Bold (CTRL + B) Italic (CTRL + I) Underline (CTRL + U)

Finding assignments

For an introduction to the tabs on your dashboard, please read this article explaining Camayak’s dashboard. These are some further examples of how different users can find information about what their colleagues are doing: Dashboard Administrators can see everything that is happening across all desks in thecolleague activity tab. Editors can see the upcoming and colleague activity tabs . . . Read more